Is your Leadership geared towards Unlocking Employee’s Potential?

How do you ensure the future growth and retention of your employees? Is it sufficient enough to provide them with the most competitive salary, compensation benefits and the necessary resources and equipment? In addition to these, it is vitally important to unlock the potential of your employees in order to grow and develop them. One way to achieve this is through thoughtful leadership. In the words of the famous Steve Jobs “Management is about persuading people to do things they do not what to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could.” A collaborative approach to leading, inspiring and motivating employees beyond their comfort zone can be a beneficial approach to ensuring employee satisfaction and retention.

In my experience as a psychometrist, I have engaged with clients and candidates applying for leadership roles and have often witnessed the minimal importance placed on People Management. There always seems to be a drive towards targets and growth, but how can these be achieved if your employees are not motivated? It is important to incorporate People Management as an essential competency when profiling leadership roles. Job profiling is a process of establishing key requirements for specific jobs, including what competencies an individual needs in order to succeed in the position. The Assessment Toolbox are experts in job profiling and is proud that the work we have done in mapping competency frameworks has been validated by Professor Dave Bartrum from Saville and Holdsworth (SHL) in London.

It is also about getting the right people into these leadership positions. It is about actually looking for leaders who will grow, develop, motivate and inspire employees towards organisational goals and objectives and not merely dictating that it needs to happen. The most objective approach to achieve the right fit is through the use of psychometric assessments and competency-based exercises. At the Assessment Toolbox we pride ourselves in assessing and analysing cognition, ability/ skills, personality and the application of experience through simulation exercises. During this process, it is important to identify behaviours and characteristics that showcase a preference for thoughtful and transformational leadership characteristics such as consultative leadership styles, empathy and people development, to name a few.

On the one hand, you can have Mrs Joe, who sets targets and dictates to her employees what needs to be achieved. She is perceived to be aloof, authoritative, impersonal and micro-managing towards her team of employees. Alternatively, with the use of objective and professional psychometric and competency-based assessments, that will help you to understand potential candidate’s behaviours and characteristics, you could end up with someone like Mrs. Smith who is empathetic towards her employees needs, growth and development and who consults, motivates, influences and guides her employees to unlock their potential and move out of their comfort zones to perform at their peak. This can ultimately leave employees feeling fulfilled and satisfied with their job, their future within the organisations and in influencing positive attitudes towards the organisation as a whole. And we all know that a happy employee is a productive employee and a productive employee who performs at his/her peak is engaged and focused on identifying opportunities for the organisation and its bottom line.


Deepa Lalla is a Psychometrist at The Assessment Toolbox. The Assessment Toolbox are People and HR specialists and perfectly positioned to assist you in making the crucial human capital decisions in an objective, professional and cost-effective manner. We offer HR consulting services, psychometric assessments, and bespoke design competency-based simulation tools. Our approach focuses on a clear understanding of the business context, structure, and roles, to deliver the tools that will achieve the best fit for the organisation and its people.