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Assessment Toolbox Psychometric Assessments - Our approach

Our Approach

Assessment Toolbox our approach

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver thoroughly comprehensive and high quality psychometric / competency assessment services to our clients across a wide range of industry sectors. Our success is built on the foundation that it is about more than assessing the individual in question: it is also about aligning this understanding of the individual with a clear grasp of the strategic and big picture view of the client’s business and the exact business need.

We believe that psychometric and competency-based assessments should only be undertaken once there is a clear understanding of the role and functions the person being assessed will need to perform. Our true skill lies in how we integrate results from the various tests and questionnaires and how we use this to predict the behaviour of people in specific roles. Thanks to these abilities, we are able to clearly advise our clients on the risks related to appointing or developing individuals.

We believe in order to deliver an effective, truly valuable service, we zoom in on each of the following:

Our Clients

We develop a close partnership with the client in order to understand their specific and unique needs and expectations

The Individual Candidate

We connect with the individual in order to clearly understand their unique approach to work, their specific characteristics and the work environment that will best suit their needs

Commercial Environment

We undertake this process with the broader commercial environment in mind and with a view to achieving the strategic objectives
of the client organisation within this context

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