Assessment Toolbox Psychometric Testing
Assessment Toolbox Psychometric Assessments
Assessment Toolbox Psychometric Testing
Psychometric Assessments

Assessment Services

Our psychometric assessment services are designed to assist you in making the critical choices related to talent within your organisation.
Our portfolio of psychometric assessments can be applied to meet the following objectives:

Assessment Toolbox


Aiding in the talent selection process
to achieve the best fit for the role

Assessment Toolbox Psychometric Testing


Supporting effective development and
maximising employee growth potential

Assessment Toolbox Psychometric Testing


Identifying an individual’s key strengths
and development areas, enabling a higher
ROI on coaching as a result of a faster
and more focused coaching process

Skills Audits

Assisting organisations in determining
whether it has the right skills in place
to deliver on the strategic mandate

Succession Planning

Identifying the future leaders and
high-potential individuals

Team Building

Assessments and consulting to
support optimal team engagement
and performance

The Assessment Process

Assessment Process

Measuring Competency

The competency model is designed to provide a holistic approach to the psychometric assessment process.
This model provides a link between the various competencies and/or behaviours required to achieve success in various positions.
Not only does it encompass details relating to an individual’s personality, but also their skills and abilities, cognition and application of experience.
We have a wide range of tests and exercises that are capable of thoroughly and effectively assessing, in a completely balanced manner, each of the critical competencies.


We always ensure that we select the best fit assessment tool for the individual and organisation’s needs.