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Our HR consulting services aim to bolster your organization’s success by leveraging our expertise in the field. We begin by conducting a meticulous analysis of the root causes of your HR challenges. Using this information, we then craft bespoke solutions that are uniquely tailored to address your specific needs. Our goal is to help you optimize your HR operations and achieve your business objectives.

What we do

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to empower organizations in enhancing their HR operations. Our expertise includes job profiling, job grading, and climate surveys.

Job Profiling

Establishing key requirements and competencies for specific jobs.

Benefits of Position Profiles

Understanding performance drivers and their impact on company performance.

Talent Management

Blueprint for recruiting and selecting the right employees.

Job Grading

Determining the worth of a job in relation to other roles.

Climate Surveys

Providing a platform for employees to voice concerns and appreciation.

What we offer

We offer specialized services to optimize your HR operations. Our job profiling service develops accurate job descriptions, while our job grading evaluates and classifies roles. Our climate surveys gather valuable feedback to enhance employee engagement.

Our specialization in job profiling enables us to identify the key requirements and competencies needed for specific roles. Our competency frameworks have been validated by Professor Dave Bartrum from Saville and Holdsworth (SHL) in London. Comprehensive position profiles offer several benefits, including a shared language to establish a competency dictionary, a basis for relevant HR activities, and a blueprint for recruitment, selection, succession planning, training, performance management, and career development. A competency-based approach to managing employees provides greater insight and helps streamline training and development, while detailed information on individual employees enables accurate and focused leadership pipeline development.

Service features

We offer expert assistance in systematically and objectively determining the relative value of a specific job compared to other roles. Our grading process takes into account various factors, such as complexity, task variety, and decision-making. To achieve this, we utilize the renowned Paterson Job Grading system.

Service features

Organizational climate and culture surveys are valuable tools that provide employees with a platform to voice their concerns or appreciation of management. These surveys offer a different perspective on employee challenges, identify areas of inefficiency and potential performance barriers, and help improve workplace harmony. As an external third party, we offer an objective perspective that employees are more likely to be honest and open with, leading to actionable insights for your company. Our climate surveys can assist your company in improving productivity and addressing potential issues before they become major problems.

Service features