Why is mindset so important?

Mindset is often defined as the underlying set of attitudes you hold. Your mindset is therefore a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. If you can understand a person’s mindset, you are able to predict their behaviour and the type of decisions he/she will make.
Now, for the first time,  a formal, scientific diagnostic instrument has been created to address the growing global need for understanding mindset. Unlike erstwhile assessments, it does not ask for self-reporting on behaviour or emotions, but rather discovers the dominant mindsets behind such behaviour and emotions.
The Mindset Index is the first instrument world-wide to assess mindset. It was developed by C-Suite Sherpa, sister company to The Assessment Toolbox, and is specifically used at senior and executive levels.  Launched on 21 October 2021 in a very successful online event, the Mindset Index generated interest from more than 33 different countries – a clear sign that there is great interest in the concept of mindset and how to unpack it in a scientific manner.
The Mindset Index maps the way in which an individual thinks and can be used to predict the decisions the person will take.  Itis the product of over 20 years of empirical work in executive development and consulting engagements all over the planet. The instrument consists of 168 questions and measure 24 different thinking paradigms. All  constructs resort under one of 7 overall mindset categories, namely
  1. People – the fundamental thinking about engaging with others
  2. Agency – beliefs about one’s own role in advancing the organisation
  3. Knowledge Processing – foundational tenets of how to acquire, store, share and interpret learning
  4. Enactment – deeply held views of how new learning can be used for advancement
  5. Expectation – convictions about what the future might hold and how to interpret it
  6. Growth – essential thinking about the methods and likelihood of progress
  7. Reality – typical views on what is accepted as real
The Mindset Index helps to establish the following:
  • Assess the compatibility between the individual and the work culture
  • Assess the compatibility between the individual and the role / portfolio
  • Assess the compatibility between the individual and the type of decision he/she needs to take in the role
  • Assess the compatibility between the individual and his/her stakeholders – investors, colleagues, clients et cetera.
The applications of the Mindset Index include the following:
  • Mapping compatibility as outlined above
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Selection of senior leaders
  • Identification of an individual strategic development path
  • Foresight and strategic anticipation
We are running accreditation sessions for consultants in the tool in March 2022. We are welcoming applications from consultants with more than 5 years’  experience in the field – for more information on this, please contact us on .
Contact us today, should you be interested in exploring how this ground-breaking new instrument can fast-track compatibility within your organisation.  You are welcome to look at our social media sites, including our website,
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